Monday, November 19, 2007

Playing Catch-up!

I feel like I am sometimes chasing my tail. I didn't have a good week from a health point of view. I didn't get any scrapping done. I left my OU studies till the last minute and haven't done the photo assignments. I have a few photos of Chatteris for me week 6 assignment, I need one more for the set. I suppose I could upload the 5 but wanted to do all 6 together. And it is raining so I can't go out and get the 6th one!I have only uploaded 3 from week 7 and the weather was far too dark to do the others yesterday.

However, the week wasn't a total wash out. I felt a bit better by Thursday and went out and had a lovely day with Valerie, the lady I met on the OU course. I got a couple of photos I wanted for other things but none for the course. And there was a terrific frost on Friday so I went out early and got some nice pics then. Not the ones I was aiming for but I was still pleased with them. I also got muddy knees, a couple of funny looks and rude comments because of kneeling on the floor.

And I finished a Flower frame, a Christmas Tree frame and a 6x4 rectangle frame. I suppose, all in all, not a bad weeks work.

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