Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Baby Boy

Wow! A post two days running!!!!

But I finished this last night and just couldn't wait to share it.

And, as it is a boy frame, I have had no complaints about using my sons photo.

I made the "baby boy" writing with a 1.50mm hook, rather than the 2.00mm hook the pattern says. It means it came out just a little smaller buts fits so much better on the frame.

I took photos of some of the others as well and, provided things go to plan, I will blog about them later and set them up to post tomorrow.

I want to make sure I use that facility right because I may need it for another project later.


  1. All your quilted frames are great - lovely way to display photos.

  2. This is stunning - just love it.

  3. Wow! Thats the most creative and unusual crocheted thing I've seen! I've never seen cursive writing in crochet like that. Awesome job!

  4. That is one opf the lovliest things that I've ever seen.



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