Sunday, November 23, 2008

Its nearly Christmas!

And to celebrate my friend SC has made this Advent Calendar.

If you would like one, you can get it on her blog or just click on the "COPY" on the calender itself.

And here are some more finished quilted frames.

I know you have seen these two before but they were not finished then!

And here are the close ups.

Due to great protests by my son, I had to take his photos out and use some of me.

This is me with my Mam, Dad and Nana.

This is me with my Mam.

And the close-ups

I was going to take some pics of the others today - but it is SNOWING!


  1. They are lovely enfys :D

  2. I love the stork especially the cute crossed legs (he he he)
    my mum crocheted beautifully, she would have really loved to see all your creations


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