Sunday, September 06, 2009

First Day at School

It doesn't seem all that long ago I was dressing him in a school uniform for the first time to go to Ysgol Sant Baruc in Barry.

It was actually 7 years ago.

This week he was all dressed up ready for his first day at Senior School.

He didn't like the feel of the collar but, after telling him it had to be done up, we finally got him sorted.

Apart from the silly face, I quite like this picture.

Now all I have to do is try to get into some sort of a routine!

I know I wasn't going to mention the "C" word again but, when you design and make things for that particular season, you have to start early.

I had an order for a set of Christmas Tree decorations which I have been working on.

Unfortunately, I have run out of one colour I need and my supplier is also out of it. I ordered 3 different coloured balls from her about 10 days ago. Two arrived two days later but the one I REALLY need was out of stock. If it doesn't arrive at the beginning of the week I am going to have to phone and find out how long.

Hopefully, if it still isn't in, she will have some in smaller balls. It ends up costing more but will mean I get it quicker and can get the order done.

Of course, while I was making up the ones I do have the thread for, I kept thinking "There is an easier way of doing this" and have ended up re-vamping some of the pattern.

Silly really, as there wasn't anything wrong with the original way its just that the pattern was written over 3 years ago and my designing and pattern writing has evolved a bit since then.

I really ought to be working on new patterns, not revamping old ones, but I am having difficulty coming up with something different for this year.

I was thinking of lanterns. Now that you can get those LED battery powered tea lights, it would be perfectly safe to use lanterns made from cotton. They don't get hot and I used them last year in paper lanterns at the home with no problems what so ever.

Now to come up with some original and quirky designs. Maybe a Santa head? And a Christmas pudding? I am open to suggestions!


  1. Sweet photos of DS Enfys :-)

  2. What a little cutie he was and how smart does he look now!

  3. Ooh lanterns...cute idea. I'm currently into stars and am definitely leaning that way for Christmas cards..funny how the 'themes' come and go.

  4. Anonymous5:45 am

    Enfys how time flys and what a fine looking young man.I am enjoying your blogg with all the wonderful talent you have no doubt you'll come up with some great ideas.


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