Friday, September 18, 2009

New shoes!

I have been looking at this pair of Sketchers trainers for what seems like forever!

We go in the local shoe shop regularly. Benjamin goes through his shoes so fast. Every time we go in I look at them but never seem to have quite enough enough money for them.

However, last time we went in to get school shoes, the Lady in the shop offered to put them away for me.

So I tried them on and paid her a deposit.

I did regret it afterwards as my hours had just been cut and nearly £50 is a lot of money.

My lovely red ones are wearing out. They are looking old and tatty and getting a bit thin on the soles, so I need new ones.

I went and got them when I got paid this month.

They are soooooo comfy. And I love that flowery lace.

Now this is a really rubbish photo. I took it under the stairs using the ISO3200 setting on the Ixus.

On a lovely sunny day it is the only way to get a photo to show you.

This is the first of the lanterns I have made, "Starburst". I have crocheted stars in to childrens wire bangles and them crocheted them together to make a ball. There are 11 motifs in all.

This lantern is going to be one of the bigger ones, the others I have in mind will be totally different unless I do a "Snow Storm" one with snowflakes instead of stars.


  1. Great shoes and that lantern is amazing ... you are soooooooooooooooo clever X

  2. Ah, nothing like something hard earned and deserved. Hope you and the pretty shoes have a very comfy life! The lantern is a fab idea, amazing work. Hope the snow one wasn't just a tease!

  3. The lantern is fantastic!!

  4. I love those shoes! You deserve a good comfy pair of shoes... how are you supposed to go to work without shoes? ;) and your lantern is divine, you are a clever wotsit!

  5. every girl needs new shoes sometimes. Beautiful lantern.


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