Sunday, September 27, 2009

I have been good!

Not only have I done the calendar for October, I have even done it 4 days early!

The photo is part of one I took yesterday at Emmanuel church of their Harvest display.

I love the rich colours of the fruit and flowers.

Originally for my "H is for Harvest" I was planning on taking some photo of various vegetables being harvested around Chatteris. I already have some wheat being harvested on a friends farm for the first page.

However, due to lack of transport and the slim possibility of actually catching them at the right time, I decided to take up the suggestion of somebody else and use the Harvest Festival displays at the Churches.

As you can see, this has worked very well.

Also, with both churches celebrating Harvest on the same weekend, I was able to get all the photos done in one go - and finish up my pages today.

I have made a stocking lantern. No pics yet as it needs blocking. I am going to have to find something the right size the put inside to dry it as I cannot pin it to a board.

And to answer some questions............

The lights I use are LED tea lights.

They are wonderful!

You can get them quite easily on eBay but mine were actually bought in Wilkinsons. If you don't have one near you (I had never heard of them until I moved to the Fens) try your local £1 shop. They are battery powered and the batteries are replaceable.

They don't get hot, drip wax, smell, cause soot or any of the other things real candles do. This means you can use them in a whole load more situations.

I discovered them last year and used them for the residents "Candlelight Carols" in paper lanterns. No risk assessments to do and no telling residents that they were not allowed to touch them.

I haven't even thought about prices yet but they will be for sale on my site when ready.


  1. LED tealights are great! Love your little lanterns, they are so pretty.

  2. I am in a state of shock ... October ... Blimey where did September go ... Loving the pumpkin picture BTW

  3. Never even heard of LED tealights. What a brilliant idea. Will be keeping an eye out for when the lanterns go on sale ;)


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