Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally Finished!!!!!!!!!!!

And I am so pleased!

It has taken ages. When I started this "Summer Challenge" I honestly didn't expect it to take all summer.

But there we go.

I haven't even tried to work out how much thread and wire I have used.

I have written parts of the pattern as I went along, basically because I needed to. I had to make all six petals on each flower the same so I wrote the pattern on the first one and followed it for the other five.

It has been suggested that, even though not many people would want to make the whole thing, the pattern would sell for the individual parts to use on bags and clothing.

Sounds good to me!

First though, I need to make a scrapbook of it. A digi one of course, with lots of crochet bits added.

Then, maybe I can convert that to a pattern book.


  1. fantastic :) Good Luck with the pattern publishing :)

  2. Wow, its absolutely beautiful can't imagine how long it took to make! I love the colour shading. As someone who mainly knits but has just started to learn crochet I love your blog especially the puppets they are so colourful. Also good look with the book hope it sells well.

  3. That is really lovely, well worth the effort you put in to it

  4. oh that is just beautiful..even better than the real thing! wow :0)

  5. Absolutely beautiful. Stunning work.

  6. It's a total triumph Enfys, really spectacular..how lovely to have a year round clematis. How clever you are.

  7. Awesome Enfys. I imagine it was a labour of love! *Ü* One of the things I would have liked to have done in my life is learn to crochet but now I am into scrapbooking etc. I doubt I could find the time. TFS. ~Glen~

  8. Hi Enfys, your flowers are really beautiful.... i know what work goes into them because i crochet orchids... Well done!! :))

  9. Shirley Fairclough6:17 pm

    Hi Helen..Your work is beautiful..so pleased to read that you had won the competition...so well deserved...I wish you well with all you do Take care..Shirley..in..Liverpool

  10. pauline stanley1:39 pm

    hi, i love this and wondered if you would like to exhibit it as part of a knitted garden exhibtion in May
    see the blog - Http://bloomingmarvellous1.blogspot.com

  11. This is absolutely gorgeous! If you make a pattern available for this, I'd certainly be willing to buy it!


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