Tuesday, September 07, 2010

New Mittens

When I was in Ely a few weeks ago I popped into my favourite shop - Yarn on the Square.

It isn't your run of the mill yarn shop, it it full of pretty designer yarns which are also quite expensive!

Now I am not saying the shop is expensive but when you are used to paying about £1.50 for the stuff you normally use, anything over £5 is expensive.

And, trust me, this ball was well over £5!!!!!

The problem was, it called to me. I saw it on the shelf and just couldn't resist the colours.

I have been thinking for some time about designing a pair of fingerless mittens that are worked from the fingers down and that only leave you one end to sew in when you have finished. I hate sewing up seams!!!!!

I was also planning ahead for a magazine submission. I figured the colours would look good in print.

So this weekend, I made the mitts.

I have to say, I am really pleased with them.

And that yarn is so warm and soft.

So even if they are the most expensive pair I have ever made, I am just going to love wearing them!

Unfortunately, I have since had an email saying that the new magazine is no longer going ahead.

Apart from the fact that I am extremely disappointed, I think it is a great shame. The UK could do with something a bit different in crochet.

The pattern for these mitts will be available as a free crochet pattern when I have finished it.

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  1. they are really lovely, I love making mittens using multicolored yarn, but never made any with fingers :)

    I am just making multicolored shawl and it is so fun...


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