Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Noro Mitts

I couldn't resist. That yarn was so gorgeous that I had to get another ball.

This one will match my winter coat.

I have also re-written the pattern so that it will better suit plain yarn or where the colour changes are more frequent.

The Noro yarn has large sections of colour and I wanted the colour on the thumb to be in line with the hand.

This pattern also means you can make all of the fingers and thum different colours.

If you want to make them prettier for a girl, just add a pattern for the cuff.

You may need to incease a couple of stitches in the last dc round, depending on what pattern you use.

The Free Patterns for both versions are on my site.


  1. I love them - specially the patterned cuff it just patterns or are you selling made mittens too?

  2. Made mittens as well if you want them. Email me!


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