Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Change of Plans!

Mam phoned last night to as if they could come a day early as their plans for today have been cancelled. This means all I had planned for today has undergone a major change. No trip to Tesco or Storeys. Instead, all the final stuff I needed to do for them coming tomorrow has to be done this morning. Mam will have to take me shopping this afternoon after they get here as I have no food for them!

However, I am quite sure we can fit in trip to Storeys either this afternoon or tomorrow. I am sure Mam will enjoy it. I have finished all the red squares for the board and almost finished the red playing piece. I have enough green to make that playing piece and I am making the dice in white (but haven't decided on the colour of the spots) as well so I have a few things to keep me busy.

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