Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Times flying by!

Normally I dread the school holidays. They drag, he gets bored and I get irrate! However, this year they seem to be flying past. Maybe its because he is older and more capable of amusing himself that he isn't giving me the normal hassle. Maybe losing weight has given me more mental stamina as well as more physical stamina. Whatever the reason, apart from a couple of minor incidents, he has been really good.

Last week we went out a couple of times. Once to Heacham with some friends. Have to admit, I am not really a beach person but it was nice to smell the sea again. And then on Friday to Hinchingbrooke Park. Now that I really enjoyed. I went with a couple of other Mums and their children so there was company for me and company for him.

In between all this gallivanting, I have been working. Here is some of what I have been making. I am in the process of updating my site to include all the embellishment designs. Because I use different thread to design than for the embellishments I sell, I have to remake the whole lot to take pictures. The thread I use to design is DMC and is widely available on both sides of the "pond". However, I only have a small range of colours in it. The thread I use to make the motifs to sell is Twilleys. I have a drawer full of that!

So, until I manage to use up the Twilleys and stock up on the DMC, this is the way I have to do things.

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  1. Like the ladybugs loads.

    My eldest is enjoying being out and about but the youngest at 5 is a very different matter, they're enough to drive you to drink lol


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