Sunday, January 27, 2008

Working Hard!

Honest! I have been!

I have been crocheting and beading like woman posessed! Mind you, most people would say I am like woman possessed anyway. They are far too polite to say what I am possessed with though!

I have almost finished the Lacy lingerie I have been working on.

The Nightie is written (although there is a little more crocheting to be done on that bit) and yesterday evening I finished crocheting the G-string to go with it. I just need to write that bit.

I have also converted the Nightie to the larger size (very brain addling) and found a willing victim to test it. And I have finally found a willing victim for the smaller size so am working on converting that one.

The next job is the French Knickers. And then to get some nice pics!

The pictures you can see are digi layouts of the finished silk paintings. I plan on using them for birthday cards to sell at the opening reception of my exhibition - which seems to be drawing ever closer at an alarmimg speed.

Still, things are going at a steady pace for it.

But it isn't all work! I have joined in with a project on the UKS site to build an A-Z Photographic Journal of where I live. As Chatteris isn't exactly a huge place, I am expanding it to the Fens as well, although I will be keeping as close to Chatteris as possible. For the moment, I am just keeping a notebook full of possibilities for photo shoots!

What this space for the results!

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  1. Those digi layouts are soo pretty! I've never thought to make lingerie. I can't wait to see what you've come up with! :-)


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