Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bloomin' Lovely!

Rain doesn't stop play when it comes to flowers!

After being very dismayed about that cat having my poppies, I am please to announce I have more!

I took this first picture last Thursday and, as you can see, more buds with one about to open.

This picture was taken Friday.

And, this morning, there are four nice strong buds.

Lets hope they stay that way as this looks ever so pretty when there are a few open in different colours.

This is the Mimulus in "Highland Orange".

It hasn't had a lot of flowers but they are a very striking colour.

The "Highland Yellow" has loads more flowers on it. They are the same colour as Primroses. They are not as bright as the orange ones but they certainly cheer the place up.

And the Thyme is out in full bloom.

Its delicate tiny pink flowers stand out against the green beautifully!

I did take loads more but that is all I have time to edit for now!


  1. Stunning flowers. I don't know anyone who doesn't like flowers - they brighten even the dullest of days. Thanks for sharing. Deb x

  2. Gorgeous poppies. Yesterday on the way back from Bluewater, I was amazed to see how many poppies there were in the verge along the M25, along with a delicate yellowy flower. I'm not sure what that was - it could have been cow parsley.

  3. Beautiful flowers. I love poppies and am glad some escaped the cat!

  4. Gorgeous flowers. You have lucky to have fab garden.

  5. Just love the flowers... my garden is quite poor in comparison xxx


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