Monday, June 30, 2008

Getting there slowly

I certainly don't seem to be doing anything fast!

On the job front, I have applied for loads and not heard anything back. I really need something so that we have a wage coming in while we build the Plumbing business up.

At least we finally got to see somebody who gave us a bit of help and I am going back to see her this week for help with my CV. We also have an appointment with "Fenland Enterprise" (although they are not called that anymore) to find out about setting up in business.

That is going slowly as well. Mark had a couple of jobs last week but nothing so far this week. He is a bit down about it.

His website is finished though, so now you can see our posh bathroom!

Still, the good news is that the snowdrops are finished as well and Mark has made me all the frames for them. I just need to mount them now.

So here is another sneaky peak


  1. Hello! Sorry to hear things on the job front are a little slow. Just had to google tancho to find out what it was! A fish - that explains the picture then!!

  2. Enfys please visit my blog there is something on there for you x

  3. good luck on the job hunting, i had a job a month after applying once as the person who got the job lasted a few weeks , i was told that they wished they employed me from the start which was nice to know.
    sneaky peek looks fab too x


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