Sunday, July 06, 2008

A sign of the times?

Yes, I know I have an extremely warped sense of humour but this really tickled it!!!!

I was looking for some of those typing practise sentences. Like the one "The quick red fox jumped over the lazy brown dog". It isn't for typing, it is for my son to practise his handwriting.

So, I typed "typing practise phrases" in to google.

At first I was totally astounded at what came up then my sense of humour took over.

Nearly all links on the page were for a program called "Cybersex Typing Tutor" to help you practise typing with one hand!!!!!!!!!

I finally found what I wanted by entering "handwriting practise sentences".


  1. LOL - amazing how something so innocent can get you somewhere so dodgy!! ;)

  2. LOL Enfys ,it would come in handy for working trough lunch with a sandwich in one hand :D
    Please check out my blog there is a surprise for you on there.

  3. Bizaar, as you say, a sign of the times.


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