Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Nearly there!

My puter is all fixed again. And I think I have installed all the programs on it. However, I try to do something and find I have forgotten one. I suppose that will be happening for a while yet!

Two I have remembered to do are my posh printer with the card reader and PSE. So here is the promised layout!

It is an 8 inch one which i have done for my "sort of" catalogue and I have used some of my recently acquired stash!!!!

The baby stuff will be available from my site soon but, if you can't wait, you can always email me!!!

And talking of my site.......... I have decided to change it over to Lycos. I am getting so fed up of it being hacked. I know the files on my computer are clean but I am getting loads of emails telling me that there are viruses on there.

I did make some preparations when I thought I was going to lose the internet, so it isn't a whole load of work. I have the domain name set up, so all I have to do is forward it to the new site.

This means that if you have a blog roll on your site, you will need to change it. Just click on mine for the new coding. Before the pipex site is completely deleted, I will be putting a message up which will come up in the iframe to give you a bit of warning.

I have set up new Gmail addresses and am in the process of changing these over as well.

But there is some good news!!!! I am in SI this month and can't wait to see it. They will be putting my Rainbow pattern on their blog along with links to my site!


  1. Gorgeous. I love the 'boy' words.

  2. Awwwwww the hat and booties are soooooo Cute x

  3. I've seen you in SI! It's not a big piece but you do get a name check and web address.
    Fab LO! Love the baby crochet.

  4. Simply stunning. Beautiful LO with amazing embellishments.

  5. Aaaahhhhh how cute. Love the crochet lettering.

  6. your lettering is amazing!!!!! do you follow a pattern of just do it free hand??? I'm stunned at how fantastic!!! it looks. Well done for being mentioned and having your rainbow in SI. Pxx


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