Friday, July 25, 2008

Everything's coming up Roses.......

More good news!!!!!

I went for the interview last week for the "Activities Organiser" at a local nursing home. He said he would ring me back that afternoon but, after a week of not hearing, I assumed that I didn't have the job.

However, this morning I had a call to say I did!!!!!!

There is one minor problem, I need a CRB check. I am in the process of having one done for a position of relief dinner lady at Benjamins school and can't believe the time it is taking!!!! Now they tell me that there is somebody else with the same name born on the same day so they want photos and finger prints to prove which one is me!!!!

I have asked the nursing home to delay applying for their one until this one is sorted out, or at least in the process!

Still, at least I have a job!

And I have been making more of those little teddies! I will put them on my site asap, complete with all the other baby scrapping stuff!


  1. Congrats on the job offer - hope they sort your identical twin problem out!! :(

    Would you look at all those wee teddies - they are breeding faster than rabbits!! LOL

  2. Those teddies are so cute

    Well done on getting the job hope they sort the crb thingy out for you

  3. Congratulations on the job! Hope you manage to get the CRB stuff sorted soon.
    Love the teddies!

  4. great news on the job.... I adore yer wee tedies :D gorgeous

  5. Congrats on job Helen. Hope check sorted, can be a real pain.
    Loving those teddies!!!


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