Sunday, July 06, 2008

Full Frontals!

Sorry but after the last post it just seemed appropriate! LOL

However, I know these "full frontals" are ones you have been waiting for. Sorry, the pics are not the best but I did them quite quickly and, as the silks have been collected, I can't do them again.

So, here are my latest silks in all their glory!

I was rather pleased with this one. And I have some paper and ribbon with stars on so I needed something just like this to scrap!

This is a close up of one of the mini shooting stars. I bought the star beads for Christmas tree earrings!

And a close up of the other beads

And now the snowdrops.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any close ups of this after it was mounted so you will just have to do with one from before.

I wasn't as happy with this one but there is only so much you can do with white flowers.

However, the lady who ordered them was pleased with them and wants two more with Rainbows and Stars on. But she would prefer them different rather than all similar.

I was wondering about incorporating crocheted stars.........

And, while I am here, some more good news.

I entered some of my silks in and Art Exhibition for Chatteris Medieval Fair and sold the Dolphins!!!!

Still no news on the job front though.


  1. These are just stunning! Well done! I love the beaded shooting stars! Beautiful!

  2. Stunning is definitely the right word - wish I had known earlier about the art exhibition I could have popped in ... Well done you .... not surprised it sold X

  3. The are gorgeous. I love the beading.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous work.

    Cass xxx


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