Thursday, July 10, 2008

More Stash!

I had this lot ages ago but with everything that is going on, I haven't got around to posting about them. Its more stash from my crochet embellishment swap.

This lot is from Donna. Chipboard to try. I have never used it before so this could be fun!

And this lot is from Jay. Loads of lovely stuff to have a play with.

And, finally, the Ribbons I won in the photo comp on UKS.

Unfortunately, I haven't done any scrapping in over a month. I don't seem to have the time or the inclination. I just seem to have stress. Lots of stress.

Mark is really getting me down because today is the day he gets dismissed and he isn't sleeping again. Benjamin is getting me down because he is being a little S***. And, on top of everything else, I thought I had another ear infection only to discover it is toothache not earache - it hurt in the same place!!!!!

I managed to get an appointment at an emergency dental clinic yesterday afternoon and it cost £16.20 to get my tooth taken out. Today I feel like I have been kicked in the mouth but it is soooooooooo much better than the pain I have had the last few days.

One good thing is that my dearest has gone out for a "sort of" interview with one of the plumbers before going to get dismissed at Watertight. Apparently there is some work there and he may be looking to take somebody on permanently as somebody has just quit to go self employed! Mark says it will be a means to an end, give him some experience and money while he builds up his own business. I don't think he is looking at it as a permanent thing. At least, I hope not as I am convinced self-employed will be best for him.

And I am trying to update my "Sage" experience. It is 10 years since I have used it and so many of the jobs I have been looking at require it. I feel like I am banging my head against a brick wall here.

I tried Learn Direct and was told they didn't do it. So I googled. And a Learn Direct page came up!!!!! I phoned the freephone number on it and was told they did do it - and at the local centre that had told me they didn't!!!!! I gave up.

Two days later a letter came from Learn Direct detailing the course and the local centres I could do it at. So I went along to the Chatteris one at the time it said they were open on the letter and weren't open. The Library assistant told me to phone the March one.

So I did (although they had already told me they didn't do it) and was told that they didn't do it. I explained about the phone call and the letter from the main office and she looked it all up on the computer and it said that she couldn't register anybody on the course.

I am very tempted to phone Learn Direct again and tell them how useless they are!!!!!

In the meantime, I have downloaded a free 30 day trial version from Sage and got some books from the library. Now all I need is some peace to work through it. And if I need another 30 days, I can put it on Marks computer as well!

If you have read all this, you are very brave! It just seems like a lot of whinging!!!! Hopefully I will have something more cheerful next time.


  1. Good luck with Sage. Its not something I've had to use up to now but alot of interviews I go to ask for it too. That stash looks yummy so hope you get chance to have a play soon x

  2. I hope all improves for you soon Enfys. Lovely stash.

  3. Aww unemployment seems to be everywhere just lately with very little to offer so I hope he gets the job even if its only for a short time, I would be cursing Learn Direct, why is it inefficient people are always employed :) xxx

  4. That experience sounds like the one that I had with Learn Direct when I also wanted to learn Sage. I was referred onto another provider who could offer me a course but it would have cost me a total of £1,000 for the 3 stages of the course and the exam!
    So much for helping the unemployed, disabled and retired to get part time jobs.
    When I worked at the Jobcentre I never managed to get anyone on a Learn Direct course either. They either didn't do a course for what my customer wanted or the course was fully booked.


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