Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm a Yummy Mummy


The name of our team on UKS is the "Yummy Mummys"

The new layout of the site has made us realise that we are sadly lacking in the avatar department so I came up with an in-house competition for the Teamies.

Create and avatar and we can vote on it.

So, these two are my entries.

The first one is a digi LO. I scoured the 'net for lips and created this in PSE5.

This one is a "real" one.

And the reason I bought those stamps in Tesco last week.

Thae paper is double sided and, although you can't tell from this pic, the large circle has flowers on it.

I crocheted the "Yummy Mummy" with letters from my Scrapping Journalling pattern and arranged it around the large circle then stamped "Im A" in the small one. Finally, I used the flowers I crocheted for our Easter tree in the middle.

So now you know why I NEEDED those stamps.

Actually, Benjamin has been having loads of fun with them. And my pens. They have kept him quiet for hours - no mean feat for a child that doesn't stop talking!

I managed to get around to adding my new Rainbows and Stars to my site. No sales yet though. I am still trying to think of some more along the "Rainbows and Stars" theme to add to the pattern.

And don't forget the competition! PDFs here!


  1. Oh I like them both, the crocheted one is just gorgeous!

  2. The crocheted one is absolutely stunning. Very pretty - and those letter stamps are lovely too!

  3. Crocheted one is gorgeous... i vote for "real" !!!!


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