Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I thought you would like to see our Easter Tree.

We have never made one of these before and I thought it would be fun.

Of course, ours is decorated with the inevitable crochet. I made the little eggs and the flowers to go on it. I bought Benjamin some bunny and chick kits from Tesco and he made those.

But, I have to say, the bit that really makes it for me is the fact that I put the twig in water when I cut it and all the leaves have come out on it.

Unfortunately, despite being out in water, the leaves didn't come out on the ones I made for work.

They are decorated totally differently, although I have used some crocheted eggs. I used plastic eggs which the residents decorated and were later filled with choccy, tissue flowers and lots of ribbon.

The photo isn't very good either, it was taken with a flash in the corner of the room so the shadows on the make it look odd.

Oh, and you really don't want to know how much I have just spent on new stamps!!!!!

Don't you just love eBay?


  1. Oh WOW these are so pretty and effective ... Hope you had a good Easter and Well done ... spending is good for the soul X

  2. great Easter trees ! ... never mind the cost we want to SEE those stamps lol :D x

  3. Both are lovely Helen..I have DDs little painted eggs from primary school hanging on mine..how silly not to think about photgraphing it! Your easter baskets were a smash hit with my 4 gals, thanks so much.


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