Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Stamp, Stamp, Stamp!

As if spending all that cash on eBay wasn't enough, I bought more in Tesco this morning!

The thing is, I really NEEDED them!

We are doing a mini competition in our UKS team for an avatar. Rather than one of us just come up with something, I thought it would be an idea for all of us to create a LO or two then we can all vote for our favourite. I am half way through a proper 8" LO and needed some small letters for it.

So, I was looking in Tesco this morning, having just filled up the trolley with food, and I saw a pack of stickers which would work.

However, then I saw a set of alpha stamps complete with acylic block. My son is no help at all, you know. He promptly took the stickers out of the trolly and told me the stamps would be much better as I could use them over and over again. And that the birthday set that was in the same box would be perfect to go with them.

So I came out of Tesco having spent nealy £40 on food and another £10 on stamps.

At least they are giving me some peace as he is now sitting at the table playing with them.

Anyway, here is the jpeg of the personalised stamps I ordered from eBay yesterday. The seller is ever so helpful and will send you a jpeg so that you can see what it looks like before you order.

All the other stamps I ordered from this seller, also very helpful.

I promise pics when they arrive.

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  1. Very interesting Enfys I am looking forward to seeing your stamped stuff :-)


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