Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sofa, So Good!

Our sofa was old. I bought it 2nd hand just before I had Benjamin so it was well over 12 years. It was getting rather uncomfortable.

But the worst thing about the sofa was listening to Mark complain about it every time we used it!!!!!!

The plan was to decorate the front room before buying a new one but we just couldn't wait. On February 24th, we ordered a nice new corner unit from Argos. They told us it wasn't in stock but did we know about their 28 day delivery promise?

So, there we are, expecting our new sofa withing 28 days. Incidentally, the payment came off the credit card almost immediately.

Just before the 28 days was up we checked our delivery status online. It said we would have a call to arrange delivery by March 29th. So much for a 28 day delivery promise.

On March 27th we had a call to say our order had been delayed annd was expected in the warehouse by April 18th.

So I phoned them. No, they don't deliver on Sundays but they do work on Sundays so we should have a call to arrange delivery for the following week.

"But what about the 28 day delivery promise?"
"That only applies if the item is in stock."
"So its a load of bunkam?"
"No, its not a load of bunkam but........"
"Yes, ok."

On April 7th we had a call to arrange delivery. The first available slot was Saturday April 10th between 7 and 12 am. Well, I wasn't going to say "No", was I?

On the Friday we had a call to say it would be delivered between 8 and 9 am and we would get a call an hour beforehand.

So we didn't get up, thinking that an hour was more than enough time to get ourselves organised when they rang. Yes, you know where this is going, don't you?

At 7.23 we had a call to say they would be here in 15 mins. That, by any stretch of the imagination is not between 8 and 9 with an hours notice.

So not only did I have to get dreessed and ready in less then 15 mins, I also had to put up with a very grumpy man who hadn't had his two cups of tea yet.

Still, it was worth it. The sofa is really comfy and I don't have to put up with the complaining any more.

However, I used to keep all my bits that I was working on down the side of the sofa. I can't do that any more. Mark has suggested that I get some sort of case to keep the stuff in that can go away when I am not using it.

I quite fancy this.

But I need to see how big it is first.


  1. Oh lovely. But I'm with you on the 28 day delivery thing- what a load of erm, small round objects! Happy new sofa!

  2. That looks so comfy. Had to re-read your post as I thought your old suite was called Benjamin!

  3. Ahhh...another word not to be trusted! How frustrating for you. Glad all is well and your sofa looks really fab. Love the corner aspect. Go treat yourself to a bag to keep your works in progress in. TFS. ~Glen~

  4. love the sofa!! Same colour as my new car, now known as the purple grape!!!! Love the bag too, I say go for it!!!!

  5. That looks snuggly Enfys I had similar problems with argos a few years ago and when the sofa arrived it was carp so I sent it right back and bought one elseware, which meant borrowing two armchairs from my mum for 12 weeks. Good idea of hubbies is he going to treat you to it? :-)

  6. Ooh nice suite :)

    LOL make sure you don't do what I did... I needed a storage bag a while back and bought one from Ebay that looked great and got it for £14 ... it's TINY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have 20 promarkers and they just about fill it to give you a clue... and it looks just like your photo hehe


  7. That looks like one comfy sofa :)


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