Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Day Off!

Doing the Happy Dance!

Well, I would if I had the energy! My body is aching all over and I have really had enough of these leaflets!. Still We have done nearly 7,000 of the 10,300 so it will only be another 3 days at most.

The only thing is, we also have 3,000 for Littleport!!!! Joan has asked her partner if he would like to help out and they reckon that we could do the whole lot in one day on Sunday. I have my doubts but am going along with it.

The vest top is coming along nicely. I am trying it on as I go and am really pleased with the way it looks. My problem is that because I have such big boobs, anything I wear either has to stretch over them or hangs ungainly below them. I have shaped this over them so that it goes in underneath before going straight down. Mark likes it as well!

We have another really frosty morning here. I would love to go out taking pics of it but feel so guilty at making Benjamin work most of his half term off that I am just letting him sit and watch TV instead.

I haven't done any scrapping or anything else this week! I miss my life of leisure!

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