Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Its My Birthday..........

Well, it was on Monday.

I wasn't expecting much as after that VERY expensive lens I has for Christmas, Mark had told me I wasn't getting anything.


I had this lovely bunch of flowers from him and he always chooses lovely cards.

And "The Aristocats" dvd from Benjamin (which I know Mark sorted out!)



I also had some lovely handmade cards from a few people.


Then, in the afternoon, I had more flowers!!!! These were delivered by a local florist and were from a friend!

Tuesday brought another surprise!

The postman had tried to deliver a parcel on Monday, which said "Do Not Bend" and wouldn't fit through the door. Of course, our sorting office is only open until 11.30am which meant that I wasn't home in time to pick it up.

Mark had taken the day off to take me out as he couldn't get Monday off. We called to pick up the parcel on the way out.

It was loads of lovely stash from my UKS teamie, Liz! It took me ages getting all the selotape off in the car and Mark just couldn't understand what I was so excited about!

We went to the Iron Age Fort at Stonea for me to take photos for my A-Z Photo Journal. It was blowing a gale there but I got some nice ones. Then we went to the "Golden Lion" in Stones for more photos. This has something to do with one of my ancestors who was born in Chatteris!

Then we went to a small cycle shop in March. I had some money from Marks Mum so I wanted a rack and panniers for my bike, partly for picnics and partly for shopping. Mark ended up buying them for me so he gave me a birthday pressie after all!

He then told me to get some new boots with the money, as I have worn the others out with all the walking from the past two weeks!

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