Friday, February 01, 2008

Look what is growing in my garden!

I love winter bulbs! They really brighten up the place. I planted them for last year but they didn't do so well. I think some of them were a bit deep and the snowdrops were really late. I was a bit disappointed. But Mark said that by this year they would be established and come up better.

And they have! I have crocuses, irises and snowdrops in all my pots. I don't think Mark realised I had planted so many! But I did plant them all at different times as I got them, even during the summer. Some came up straight away and died quickly as they are not meant for warmer weather.

Hopefully, I am going to have bulbs all spring.

And what's more, with my new macro lens I can take great pictures of them. Apart from cropping and resizing, these haven't been edited. The detail is fascinating, I can't wait to get out and use it more.

Also, as a 60mm lens (efl=96mm) I can use it as a portrait lens. Need to practise a bit more on that.

The other thing that is growing in my garden is mushrooms! Mark smuggled home a large log last time he went shooting and made me this new one. It measures 22inches across and is big enough to sit on.

So, with all these bulbs and mushrooms, guess what the calender is?

You can download it as usual from the link on the left.

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