Friday, February 08, 2008

Finally Finished Frogging!

For those who don't know, frogging is a crochet term used when you undo all your hard work. Its called "Frogging" because you "rip-it, rip-it, rip-it".

I have been working on a Lacy Lingerie set for a few weeks. I made the nightie first, then the G-string, then some French knickers. How I have been cussing those knickers!!!!

The bodice part of the nightie wasn't too bad but did involve some frogging. The lacy skirt part was quite simple, just time consuming, as it was repetitive. Converting to different sizes wasn't so simple. It didn't involve crocheting, just hours spent in front of the puter with a calculator. I have sent copies of the different sizes out to other people who are that size to make. That way, they can try it on to check it fits properly as well as check the patterns works up correctly.

The G-String was small and relatively quick. It also only need to be one size as it just does up on the sides.

But those French Knickers! I have lost count of how many time I frogged them. Last night, I finally got them looking right and have spent most of today writing them up. However, they still need all the ends sewing in and pressing before I can take and edit the pics.

There is no chance of getting eveything together to be online for the weekend as I had hoped. And with next week being half term and I have a job for the week, I am not sure of my chances for the following weekend either!

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