Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bloomin Lovely!

Well, after the "Pattern Fiasco" I decided I had had enough on the puter and went out into the garden.

My trough is looking beautiful! It is full of flowers and loads of buds. I was especially pleased to see some buds on the Icelandic Poppy. It is delicate like the Field poppies but comes up in a variety of colours.

Monday, one of the buds opened and another looked as if it was about to.

But Monday tea time I looked out to find that all of the buds, except the original one, had disappeared. There was also hollows in the gravel on the top and stones all over the floor. Cats had been in my trough!!!!!

There will be more buds later so it isn't a total disaster. Just really disappointing.

This is Sisyrinchium "Californian Skies". Most of the plants in the trough are Alpines because it is in full sun at the hottest part of the day. And now it has been moved, its in the sun for even longer.

This was only very small last year. Mam was after a cutting but I wouldn't let her. This year it is about 10 times the original size with loads of flowers. Unfortunately, she still cant have a cutting as she is having work done on the house. At least next year it will be loads bigger for one!

I also have this in yellow but it isn't as big yet and not as delicate as the blue. It also flowers later so I have only had two flowers on it so far. But there are loads of buds just waiting to come out!

And I have a few things just coming into bud.

This is Lemon Thyme and it smells gorgeous!


And Mimulus in both "Highland Yellow" and "Highland Orange". Also known as "Monkey Flower" because the flowers are supposed to look like monkey faces.

You are supposed to plant them a certain distance apart but I put them close together in the hope that the two colours would mingle.

And finally, my Clematis. It is "The Vagabond". It is a lovely colour and already has has a few flowers. There are loads more buds and it is supposed to flower all through summer.


  1. What beautiful flower photography!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! I want to join your stash swap but I am being a bit thick and can't work out how hun.

    Jay x

  3. Great flower photos shame about the cats bein at your trough

  4. Gorgeous flowers. My dog eats all mine so I have given up on everything except hanging baskets.

  5. Oh how i wish I was green fingered! Beautiful plants. My garden is a mess! How much stash could tempt you to come and sort it out??!!

  6. These are beautiful Helen-I love the garden at this time of the year- everything just springs into bloom!

  7. Gorgeous photos.I adore poppies.

    Cass xxx

  8. Beautiful flower shots, I would have been upset too if the cats were digging up my plants :)

  9. Beautiful photography. I love poppies and yours are particularly nice, will have to go and buy some.


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