Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I hate reformatting!

I always mange to lose something!!!!!

This time it was half of my emails. I thought I had saved them. In fact, I know I saved them! But then I messed up putting them back into OE and lost a load.

However, at least I remembered the Address Book this time.

I thought Mark was going to do it on Sunday for me. Instead, after hogging the puter most of Saturday, he asked me if I was ready for him to do it. Of course, the answer was "No!"

Then I had to save everything all of a rush! I am surprised I didn't lose more.

Still, its all done now and working fine. Although there are things I keep remembering that I need to do. Like find the RAW plug in for Elements.

I went to pick up all my Silks on Saturday morning.

All that work I did on the new "Winter" was wasted. She said it was too different from the original. So now I have a set of "3 Seasons" and an odd "Winter". I am going to have to list them all separately.

However, I did sell "Gerbera" as well. It wasn't one of the Lilies like she told me. But at least it was a sale.

Something else that happened this weekend is that all our fish went. I was really sad to see them go and the garden looks so desolate with an empty pond.

I know Mark is a bit down about it which was why I encouraged him to spend some of what he got for them on a kiln he wants for hardening steel.

I figured that if he got something he wanted he might not feel so bad.

It is going to be filled in and paved over. It will give us loads more space out the back, especially when he builds the conservatory.

Something else I did this weekend was two more LOs for my Silk Album. Neither are quite finished yet. I am not sure what to do with one and the other just needs the journalling done.

And something I didn't do this weekend, was list all my Silks on Etsy!

Best add it on to my long list for today.


  1. It's always sad when something that's been a major part of your life goes. Not sure I could have parted with the fish. Sounds like you've had a very mixed weekend.

  2. I've never reformatted, but after a hard drive malfunction I got someone to try to recover my files. Then, not realising which folder they had been saved in, deleted the whole lot - I could see them whizzing away but couldn't stop them! I now back up everything about 10 times!


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