Saturday, May 24, 2008


I have been getting loads of lovely stash in the post.

No, I haven't been on a spending spree! Would I? This is from my crochet embellishment swap.

Mandi sure knows the way to my heart. Loads of lovely beads and buttons for me to play with.

I am seriously tempted to take up this Fimo thing to make my own, they are so much more fun to crochet with than the stuff you can buy.

I would also be able to make the holes a bit bigger to make them easier to crochet with.

And look at all this stash Tinkerbelle sent me. Far too much but I am not complaining.

I love the hand made cards but I doubt very much that they will end up being used for cards as they are perfect for my Silk Album.

I have another swap to get done and in the post for next week. I did tell her Monday but, of course, its a Bank Holiday so it will have to be Tuesday.

I have finished the lower case letters. And what is more, they are all added to mys site, including the doodling!

The page still needs a bit more work as I need to add the numbers to it and the link for the free pattern.

I also plan to convert this lot to digi and add the downloads to the page.

I redid the "Exhibition" for my Silk Album.

I had to squash it in a bit because the new letters are bigger than the old ones.

I am still pleased with it though.

And I need to add a "?" to this page so that I have all the punctuation on one page.

Just like British Rail, I am getting there!


  1. lots of lovely goodies,lucky you Enfys : ) and of course the recipients of your pieces are lucky too.

  2. Never too much after all the hard work that you have put in... just love the letters... feel like another swap is on the cards!!!!

  3. lovely stash and the letters are just fab x

  4. Lovely goodies, enjoy using them. I like the way you've used your crocheting in the "In the Papers" LO, works really well.

  5. Oh wow -those letters are fab! clever you!


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