Thursday, May 01, 2008

I have been Tagged!

Yes, Rachel has tagged me!

So now I have to come up with 7 random facts.

The problem is that little known facts are generally that way for a purpose!!!!!

1. I am related to Henry Morgan on my mothers side and Princess Di on my fathers side. Brings a whole new meaning to "The Princess and the Pirate"!
2. I have never learnt to drive so I don't have a driving license.
3. Apart from a school trip to Paris, I have never been abroad. So I don't have a passport either.
4. Because of 2 and 3, it is a nightmare trying to get a CRB check done!!!!!!
5. I can't skate.
6. But I can, on a good day, not only touch my toes but also put my palms flat on the floor.
7. Oh, and did you know I love crocheting????????

Now 5 people to tag!


And, just to tease you all, another sneaky peak of the dragonflies.

I need them finished by Saturday so I had better get off here!


  1. :-O you tagged me , I waffle so much are there 5 things peeps don't know about me already.

  2. interesting facts Enfys, especially the royal connection! x

  3. Touch toes? On a good day i can only just see mine! Looking forward to the unveiling of the draqonflies.

  4. Dragonflies are looking gorgeous.

    Cass xx


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