Friday, May 16, 2008

Spoons and Dragons

Last night was Craft Club. This is the one that meets once a month and we get to try out new stuff. I always look forward to it.

Sometimes is is just a talk but the best ones are where you get to have a go.

Last night we made beaded spoons. They were fun to make and not too difficult.

However, the smell on the glue was something else!!!!!

And now the moment you have all been waiting for!

The Dragonfly page for my Silk Album.

I used the thread I used to stitch it to crochet two of the Dragonflies and the beads I used on it to make the other one.

And, on the Silk subject, I had a good afternoon yesterday!

The lovely man in the gift shop took all my posters advertising my patterns for both the Chatteris shop and the one in March. He also took a pile of business cards.

I was careful to put on the posters only the stuff that uses DK as that is what he sells. I figured if he was good enough to promote my patterns for free the least I could do would be to promote the ones that use his yarn. He also knows somebody who may be able to help sell my silks.

Next I went to visit the flower shops.

Both of them took a silk to display and business cards. And the best bit is that neither have asked for commission!!!!! One did say that if she sells loads for me I could make her one. I have to go in and swap them over every 3-4 weeks so that they have a change.

I have listed them all on my site and just need to finish listing them on Etsy. Then I just need to sell some.

Here's hoping!!!!!!

The Crochet Embellishment Swap is still on. I will accept anything in exchange as long as it isn't pink.


  1. Good luck with your selling! Love the idea of beaded spoons, but when I use beads most of them end up on the floor or in my lap!

  2. I adore your dragonflies. Deb x

  3. Good luck with the selling. The dragonfly silk is gorgeous and the idea of beaded spoons is something I would never have thought of.

  4. Yay, the dragonflies are here! Love the page. Well done!
    I've never seen beaded spoons before- they're lovely. Sounds like a great club to go to.
    Congratulations on the pattern promotion!

  5. Those beaded spoons are so pretty! Good luck with sales, I hope this proves successful for you. :-)

  6. I have never seen beaded spoons, interesting.
    Love your dragonflies!!


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