Friday, October 17, 2008

Catching Up.

I don't know where the time has gone!!!!

Work has been much more fun since Tina came back from holiday. I have been learning what I am supposed to be doing and, although most of the day was spent chatting, I learnt more last Thursday than I have learnt the rest of the time I have been there.

And my hours were upped to 24, 4 days at 6 hours a day.

I took some of the residents out for a walk on Friday. Well, I did the walking, they were in a wheelchair.

I have planned some activities for future weeks - like a bonfire party. Have you ever made Indoor Fireworks? Perfectly safe and no fire involved. When I start making them I will put pics and instructions on here.

I had a few orders for some of my crocheted embellies, so I was busy doing those in the evenings. They all got posted on the weekend.

Look what Fi has done with some of my flowers!

Had a day out in Ely on Saturday, enjoying my first wage packet!!!!! Unfortunately, I couldn't spend much as I only had one weeks pay that has to last me all month. I was expecting more but the Manager forgot to add the additional hours I was promised on.

Mark went back to work on Monday. I love having him at home - when he is supposed to be.

But when he isn't, he disrupts my routine and hogs the puter!!!!!!

This week, I made ATCs with the residents and one Lady loved it! I have put a special trade request on the UKS ATC board to see if I can get her some trades. This is the one I traded with her.

So far, I have had 4 replies about sending cards to my Lady. When I told her she was so excited.

I also had a great time doing manicures on Tuesday. It gave me a chance to chat to some of them on a 1-2-1 basis and get to know them better.

We played "Play Your Cards Right" and enjoyed that as well - despite the fact that I have never watched it. I found some instructions on line and just made it up as I went along. One Lady nearly wet herself when I told her there was no way I was dressing up as Bruce as it would take too long to draw all the wrinkles on!!!!!

However, as much as I am enjoying myself, there is something I am really peed off about!!!!! Apparently the Manager was told on Friday that I only have 20 hours NOT 24. Of course, he didn't tell me!!!!! The lady in charge of the admin told me. This means that because I had already done 12.5 by Tuesday, I only have 7.5 left to do for the rest of the week. She said she has had it in the neck about the hours and insisted that I was only supposed to do 20 despite what the Manager had told me.

So, the routine I have started getting into is all up the wall. I now have to reorganise my days to fit 5 hours instead of 6. And, any overtime has to be relaimed that week as I can't go over 20 in any week. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Went to the surgery to get weighed this and she said I had put on 3kg. I told her it was water retention!!!!! The thing was, I had got caught in a downpour on the way there and was wet through below my jacket. When I got home I weighed, then got changed and weighed again. There was a 5lb difference so I have only put on 1.5lb.

I am so loving the postie coming at the moment. I have sent off a few ATCs to trade and am getting some back. Its amazing the different styles and techniques of them all. One was quite simple and easy and made with a colour chart you pick up in a DIY. The lady who sent that one deliberately sent me something simple I can do at the Care Home as she does the same sort of thing at Sheltered housing.

I am hoping my Lady there starts getting some soon. I am planning another craft morning for Monday. Today, as the weather is nice, I will be taking a few of them out for a walk.

As I have sent off all the ones I have made so far, I spent some time on Wednesday quilting more scraps of silk onto backing fabric to make more ATCs. I have another 25 in assorted colours to decorate now.

I have also started my mushroom silk - as all of my crochet orders are complete.

Now, best I get to work so I can earn more cash for more stash!


  1. Lovely ATCs - and your mushroom project is so clever. You are a very talented person!

  2. Ooooh Helen, love that mushroom silk - it is lush!! Sounds liek you are enjoying the new job and getting the ladies doing new stuff - I would swap ATC's with her if I thought the postal system here worked!! :(

  3. That mushroom silk is stunning X

  4. Wow your silks are amazing. I'll send your lady an ATC. Off to check the thread.

  5. Love the mushroom silk & such pretty ATCs. My inlaws live near Cambridge, I love Ely cathedral :) .

  6. I just love the mushrooms. I have a thing about mushrooms! lol

  7. gosh this is a catch up and a half !!!! phew! indoor fireworks sounds interesting too x

  8. Enfys i love the mushroon silk I will make an ATC for your lady too when I get a chance x Juliet


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