Monday, October 27, 2008

More ATCs

Have to say, I have been having a great time making these!

This is my latest lot of ATCs. And there are a whole load more in the process.

Yes, they take a lot of work but I really like the original idea of them being miniatures of your art work. As my artwork is crochet and silk painting, that is what I do.

I could probably make 10 times as many if I did them with paper and glue - but that just isn't me.

Anyway, as I was doing these I came up with another idea. What about bigger versions that I could maybe sell?

After thinking about this some more and then chatting to the lady in the flower shop who displays some of my work, I came up with this.

It is 8x8 quilted scrapbooking layout and made to fit a 5x3½ photo. It isn't finished yet, I need some pink baby buttons and I haven't beaded it yet.

Yes, its pink!

Its very pink!!!!!!

But I didn't have any pale blue fabric to make a boy one and I had a whole pile of pink stuff made for the "Scrapping for Babies".

Besides, I am not planning on keeping it and there are plenty of baby girls around.

However, I am quite pleased with the result so far.

And I have another pile in all different colours to get done yet!


  1. Stunning pieces of Art wish I was that talented.

  2. Lovely work , very you xxx if you fancy entering our mid monthly competitions for craft prizes, or our weekly challenges for fun and inspiration , pop in and sign up free at our crafting site
    x jayne x !!!

  3. How perfect! You are a very clever girl coming up with this concept! I love it!
    Erm, could I copy it without getting in to trouble with you? lol

  4. Beautiful work, love the crochet ATC's you are doing at the moment
    Rach x

  5. You always amaze me when I look at the amount of work and detail that goes into your projects! Love the ATC's they are stunning! Love the little pink baby page too, who would be able to resist that?

  6. Fabulous work as always - you are soooooooo talented!


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