Tuesday, October 07, 2008

It has been a long time.........

But I have been working!!!

And doesn't it take up a lot of your time!

It was REALLY boring at first as all I was doing was reading policies. But then I ventured out of the staff room and started to get to know some of the residents.

Much more fun!

I can't actually start properly until the lady I am taking over from comes back off holiday and shows me the ropes, but at least I am getting to know people.

I have made some more ATCs. I finished off the ones from before and plan, when I have time, to make some more.

I was showing them to some people in the Gables and hope to persuade them to have a go.

However, before I can do that, I need some trades so that I have a wide variety of styles to show them. They have only seen mine.

Here are some I traded for the other day.

Both of the dragonfly ones are gone but all the others are up for grabs so please contact me if you would like to trade.

Also, as I am on a really tight budget, I would be grateful for any stash you no longer need. If you are having a clear out, please send it all to me.

You can get the address by googling for Gables Care Home Chatteris

Thanks All!

All I have time for now.


  1. I will do a swop with you Enfys my ATC.s are pencil drawings.

    If you need stuff for the Gables crafty time try asking local stores and charity shops if they have any stuff they can donate too,I have done it for school plays (stuff to make costumes and props) and had a good response.

  2. glad to see you blogging again , hope work is fun even though its taken up your time xx

  3. I love the autumn ones. They look very original.

  4. Got my ATC it's lovely :D hope yours arrives safely : ) Juliet


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