Tuesday, October 28, 2008

As Promised..........

Indoor Fireworks!

These are perfectly safe, no fire involved.

You will need 2 paperclips, a strip of strong paper or card and some streamers.

I have used shredded foil paper for the streamers as I thought it would sparkle like the fireworks actually do.

Fold the card over but do not crease it. Use the paperclip to hold it in place.

Turn the whole thing over then repeat with the second paperclip, making sure it only goes over two layers of card.

It should look like this from the top.





Finally, tie your streamers to the paperclips.

Now the fun bit.

Take hold of each end of the card and hold it at arms length.

Pull the ends apart quickly!



  1. That looks really cool! Will definately try that with the kid later :o)

  2. Thats a fun idea may try that later

  3. Oooooh nifty. I'll be giving these a go, I'm not a fan of real fireworks.


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