Monday, June 28, 2010

Change of plans.

Slight change of plan about the Clematis leaves. I sewed on all the leaves I had finished, just to the end of the stems and not in place as I thought I could do that better when the leaves were attached.

Then I decided that the centre leaf should be a bit further up the stem than the others so started taking them off and re-attaching them.

Then I decided that the bet way to stiffen them was with florists wire rather than find something to spray them with. So I started taking them all back off - again - thread wire through the stitches and sew then back on.

Then I found a longer needle to thread the wire through with so I don't have to take them all off to do it, just the ones that need moving up the stems.

I started crocheting the new ones with the wire included. This means no blocking as the wire keeps the shape so I will be able to sew them on as I go.

It also meant a trip to the Florist as I am going to need a LOT more wire.

The original lot I got at our monthly "Craft and Lace" group when we did a workshop for table centres before Christmas. I asked if I could buy some of the wires used and she gave me a handful.

I went into the Florists on Thursday to ask if she had more or if she could order me a bundle. She very kindly sorted out what she had left and gave them to me. Apparently they are too thin for the flowers and don't support them properly.

They are perfect for crochet though.

Now I am getting used to it, these wired leaves are working up almost as quickly as the unwired ones. They take about 20 mins each.

I still haven't finished wiring the ones that are all ready on there but it has been a bit hot to sit with that heavy thing on my lap in the evenings.

However, sitting out in the garden is perfect! I can rest the frame on the patio table to keep it off my lap and watch the birds fighting over the peanuts at the same time.

And I thought you might like this pic of Benjamin at the Chatteris Historic Festival this weekend.

The gentleman who put him in there did say that I could leave him there and pick him up next year, but he managed to escape!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Print Ready!

I am all excited!

My book is finally print ready. I just have to wait for the person dealing with it to go back to work after his hols to get things in motion to send it to print.

An A to Z of Chatteris in Photos

So, what started out as a personal photography project in January 2008 is finally going to be a book.

And more good news, I have managed to sell some to the local schools with payment in advance which means no more scrimping and saving to afford the publishing!

I was able to download a free trial of InDesign which, with just a little bit of cussing, I have learned to use just enough to produce a print ready version pdf to send to the publisher.

That program does some wonderful things and would be amazing for digital scrapbooking but £699 is a little out of my range for it.

If you click on the front cover above, you can download some sample pages.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Clematis Leaves

After taking a short break to finish off some items I found in the attic, I have got back to the Clematis.

Here is the first batch of leaves on the blocking board.

It holds 38 and I am going to have the fill the board up a few more times before I have enough to finish.

I have started sewing some on but just 12 don't look very impressive so you are going to have to wait until I have sewn a few more on before I take a photo.

I have been working hard on the book as well.

I have had it proof read and they found loads of mistakes. As it is all still on the computer it isn't major hassle to change them.

Just time consuming!

I now need to do all the technical stuff to get it "print ready". I am not looking forward to that as I have to learn to use a new program.

It should be going to print on June 28th - barring any major problems.

If anybody would like to pre-order and save on postage go to A-Z of Chatteris.

Back to getting it print ready!

Friday, June 04, 2010

Nearly there!

I am really excited!!!!!

I am finally going to see my book in print.

It has been a while coming because I have had to save my pennies to afford it.

And, of course, the reduced work hours meant a huge chunk out of what I could manage to save.

Now I need to decide how many.

The prices I have had mean that if I order 150 I can sell them for £8.95 each, 200 = £8.50 each and 250 = £7.95 each.

I have enough to get 150 and, with a little more saving, might be able to afford 200.

Unfortunately, 250 is a bit out of my budget range.

I also need to do a bit of market research to find out how many I could sell.

So, if you would be interested in buying one, please use the "Ask me, I might" button on the left to contact me and let me know.

They will be £8.95 at the most.

If I manage to sell them cheaper, I will give you a refund when the book is sent.

I am hoping to go to print before the end of the month which means they will be on sale by the end of July.

I will keep you posted on any developments.