Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I have been working very hard!

In the summer I had a Crotat article and pattern published in Inside Crochet.

I have re-written the article, taking into account feedback from readers and teaching workshops, so that it now includes more detailed instructions and more advanced techniques.

Crotat in Inside Crochet
Free Crotat Download

But the best news - for all of you - is that all of this hard work is available for free as web pages on my site and as an 18 page downloadable eBook.

Just click on the picture to find out more.

If you have a go, I would love to see the results. Pop along to my Facebook page and post there.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

What a bad, bad blogger!

I knew I hadn't blogged in a while but it wasn't until I signed in that I realised quite how long it was since my last post.

What can I say apart from the fact I have been really busy.

First of all the bad news. The home I working in has closed down. This means that I and all the other staff have been made redundant. And all the residents have been moved to new homes.

The good news is that I have been doing really well with the crochet.

I had a "How to Crotat" article and Crotat Coaster pattern in Issue 19 (July 2011).

The six months of the contract is almost up so this pattern, along with a matching oval one, will be available soon.

I am working on a whole new free "How to Crotat" download. After getting some feedback and giving some lessons, I am including more pictures and instructions to make it easier to follow.

My "Barefoot Sandals" were in Issue 20 (August 2011)

I will be designing some more of these to publish when the 6 months of the contract is up.

And I had some "Crotat Jewels" published in Issue 22 (October 2011).

All of this has been very good for business and the knock on effect has doubled the sales on my site.

There are also some new Crotat patterns on the site.

And, when you are a famous designer - DMC send you freebies!

That Natura is gorgeous! Soft and lovely to work with. And wonderful colours. I ended up with 4 balls of different colours and designed crotat motifs for each of them.

One of them will be in Inside Crochet next year. I am not quite sure when yet.

The others will end up on the site just as soon as I am able. The motifs can be made into shawls, stoles or shrugs and the patterns will contain the schematics for each of them.

All in all, its been quite an exciting time. The problem is that I still need a job as this really doesn't earn me enough money. It would be wonderful to be a full time designer but needs must.

And some things never change. Its tea time so I need to go and cook it.