Sunday, August 30, 2009

My 100th ATC

Yes, I received my 100th ATC in the post yesterday and it was from 10 year old Charlotte.

And, whats more, its the first rainbow anybody has sent me!

Thank you Charlotte for my lovely Rainbow ATC.

Here are some of the others I have had recently.

They are not all from the ATC trail, some are from the monthly swap on UKS.

I know I wasn't going to mention the "C word"+ again but while I was listing all those seasonal patterns on Etsy, I suddenly realised that I hadn't listed the Halloween ones.

This is one of my earlier patterns but it is one of my favourites. I remember taking the photos for it in a local park and getting funny looks as I was weeding around the rocks and re-arranging the leaves to look nice. I did try to go at a time when not so many people would be there.

Now, I just don't care. If I get any comments I just tell them I am an artist at work and either they go away with a weird look on their face or stay and find out a bit more about what I am up to.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

That C word

I know its early but...........

I have started thinking about Christmas!

The thing is, when you make stuff you have to start earlier.

And, when you design stuff for other people to make you have to start even earlier!

So I have just listed a load of patterns on Etsy.

The good thing about Etsy is that the listing last for 4 months. So, as today is exactly 4 months to Christmas, my patterns (unless sold) will stay on there right up until Christmas.

Now, I promise not to mention the C word again until December!

Well, I will try very hard not to anyway!

Monday, August 24, 2009

More about those ATCs

I love getting these ATCs through the post, even when I have paid for them.

Its like Christmas all year round.

Here are some of my new ones.

Most of these have come from the ATC Trail on UKS.

The duck one is from my lady at the care home.

She loves the postie coming as well so a big "Thank You" to all who have traded with her.

And, I am pleased to say, I have a watcher on one of the ones I put on eBay.

Now I know that doesn't mean to say that they will buy it but it still feels good.

Debating about Etsy as well.

I need to add all my Christmas patterns to there very soon. People are going to start thinking of stuff to make for Christmas when the kids go back to school.

This last lot of ATCs are from the fabric swap I took part in.

Its great to see all the different styles.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

ATCs or ACEOs?

This is all a bit confusing. I thought an ATC (Artist Trading Card) was for trading only but they are for sale on eBay.

Apparently, if you call it an ACEO (Art Card, Edition or Original) you can sell it.

And whats more, you can make lots of money. Some of them go for £100s!!!!

Not being one to turn down an opportunity to make some money from something I enjoy doing, I have listed a few.

In fact, I have listed all of these.

And all at 99p plus postage, although if somebody wants to pay £200+ for them, I am not going to complain.

Now, I know this is really going to upset some people but I am still trading them with all the old rules.

The best part of ATCs is getting a lovely surprise back in the post.

I am having great fun on the "ATC Trail" on UKS.

How could I possibly give that up?

And about those digi ones....

I have splashed out on some matt photo paper and am redoing them.

I have also splashed out on a heat gun to redo them with.

I got it on eBay, along with a few powders. All used but at less than £10 including postage, it was a bargain.

The Lady at the Care Home is loving these ATCs as well. She will try anything and the fact that she is getting some gorgeous miniature works of art back, makes it even more fun.

We currently use a photo album to store them but, when she gets a few more, she is going to splash out on a ring binder and some 9-pocket pages.

If anybody would like to trade with her, please use the "Ask me, I might" button on the left to email me.

And now the bad news.

After a lovely two weeks off work, I went back to find that my hours have been cut to 16 instead of 20.

Because of recent events they have had to cut all of the staff hours.

Still, its better than no job at all.

It means that basically I am going to have no spare cash - again"

And just as I was getting used to having a bit to spend on myself.

Another reason for listing these on eBay.

£200+ for each would come in very useful! Actually, £5 each would come in useful.

One or two plans are going to have to wait, like being a sponsor on UKS.

I am sure my crocheted scrapping stuff would sell if only I could get it advertised on there but I don't make enough to justify the expense at the moment and, with the cut in wages, I am not going to be able to afford it from those.

Which brings me to another reason for listing on there - advertising.

And when you list at 99p it is free, so it is free advertising.

So please, don't think too badly of me for trying to sell some.

And if you want to trade, email me!