Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is it that long since I last posted??????

First the good news, I passed the Theory Test - despite a panic attack outside the Test Centre before it opened.

Inside Crochet Issue 17
Inside Crochet issue 17 is out, with more lovely pictures of my alphabet. I didn't make these ones, they did. Can't wait to see what they come up with for next month.

And, I have won an award!

Do you remember my A-Z of Chatteris in Photos"? The Cambridgeshire Association for Local History" has given me an award for it.

I have to tart up all posh and go and collect it on June 4th at Denby Abbey.

I am still crocheting hard, working on patterns for both the site and Inside Crochet. I officially went self employed on April 1st. I have never bothered before as I have always spent loads more than I earned on hooks, yarn and thread. But, with the work I am doing for IC, I am going to be in the black this year.

So, as part of all this, I have set up a Facebook page.

I only joined Facebook originally because the family nagged me. I haven't been on there much but last weekend a lady emailed me to tell me that somebody has been using my pictures to advertise that they are selling items made from my patterns.

I contacted them about it, they apologised and took them down. The silly thing is, if they had asked first, I would have given them permission. When I told them this, the excuse was that they were new to it all.

New to what? Didn't their mother teach them manners???????

Anyway, all this brought me to the realisation that Facebook is a great (and free) tool for reaching potential customers and interacting with them.

Very steep Facebook learning curve coming up!

Any help appreciated.

And, to help me get lots of "Likes" for my page I am having a prize draw of a £5 Paypal voucher when I get to 500 and a £10 Paypal voucher when I get to 1000. You will be able to spend these on my site, my Etsy shop or my Folksy shop.

All you have to do is put a link to my Facebook page and this post on your blog, then leave a comment to let me know where the links are.

When I get to 500 I will draw for the £5 and when I get to 1000 I will draw for the £10.

The vouchers can be used for patterns or finished items and if you are entered into the first draw, you will also be entered into the second draw.