Sunday, March 12, 2017

Mini Flowers

Block 5.
This is actually the first block I designed for the Secret Garden but after discussion with the testers, we decided to go with a different order.

It is made with 9 mini blocks which are joined as you go. As always, please read the instructions carefully and refer back to the notes where necessary.

For more information go to the Secret Garden web page.

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Just a few balls of yarn........

Having chosen the colours for the new CAL and finding out that Stylecraft prices are going up, I decided to get some in ready. I know I haven't started it yet (still working on this *&^%$£* commission) but it just seemed like the best thing to do in current circumstances.
Last Thursday, the delivery arrived. You know some things you imagine are always bigger when you see them in real life?

This delivery was HUGE.

Luckily, Kathryn was here. I gave her the easy job of standing there with the clipboard and checking off the packs as I unpacked and sorted them. Then I had the easy job of making lunch while Kathryn took the yarn upstairs.

When she had finished, she said "You didn't need to get into your spare room did you? I thought she was joking.

The afternoon was spent working on the computer.

That evening I decided to go and organise the spare room. Kathryn had not been joking.

It took me well over an hour to sort and stack the yarn. It is now all stacked neatly against the wall. You can get into the room and use the spare bed. However, if I have more than one visitor, they are going to have a yarn mattress.

The best bit of all of this was my son. He is away in London all week for college.
He came home Friday evening and took something upstairs and put it on the spare bed. On Saturday I asked if he had noticed anything.

"Why, what have you done?"

I didn't tell him. It turns out that he hadn't turned the light on when he had gone into the room. He went into the room Saturday evening, turned on the light, had a look around then said

"Did you buy a new lampshade?"