Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Winter is almost here!

It is dark in the mornings when I get up now. A sure sign that winter is nearly here! The days are still relatively warm but the ground doesn't hold the heat and the nights are cold.

But rather than a dreary winter desktop for October, I choase a summer shot of water. I was quite pleased with this one. I originally tried just using the automatic sports action on the camera but it bleached out the bubbles - which was what I trying to capture. So - I read the damn manual! I discovered that by using the creative settings I could get the camera to meter just a portion of the scene rather than the whole area. I managed to get it metering the water rather than the surrounding area which meant the bubbles were not bleached out.

However, I had forgotten that it was set on monochrome from when I had been playing about with the filters. So my "perfect" picture came out in black and white.

I still think it looks impressive though.

Just click on the small pic on the left to download the picture and directions to add to your desktop. There are also directions on how to add the link to your blog to share with even more people.