Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year

I know it isn't quite the New Year yet but I have made a New Year pressie for you all!

As I had a lot of positive response from the one I did last year, I have made another downloadable calendar.

Making the calender was actually the easy part, printing it off was another matter!!!!!

My A3 printer has decided to throw a temper tantrum and won't print properly. I ended up with lots of lines through the pictures - when there was any coloured ink coming out at all!

So, I am now in the middle of using my photo printer to reprint all the photos on A4 and am having to stick them on to the A3 sheets with the calendar bit printed on.

Another problem is going to be putting it together. Last year I borrowed a friends Bind-It-All. What a wonderful machine! This year I don't have access to it so am going to have to improvise yet again.

I think ring binder punch and lots of ribbon may be in order here.

I will let you know how I get on.

And, as I am now working, I may even treat myself to a BIA this year.

In the mean time, enjoy the calendar. I have uploaded it as a pdf so you can print it off as A3 or A4 as required.

If you download it or add a link to it on your blog or site, please leave me a comment to let me know.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Working Hard.

In between everything else that has been going on, I have managed to transfer all of the Free Patterns and Tutorial over to their new home.

I haven't yet done the pdf versions to go with them but they aren't that urgent.

I am not entirely sure that all of this is a bad thing. We have been complaining about msn for years. White pages when trying to post, erratic delivery of posts to and from your inbox and thousands of other things far too many to mention.

I have been considering finding a new home for the group but shied away from all the work that needs doing.

I didn't get a lot of choice when they decided to close!!!!!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Its me again!

This time my crocheted Tree Angels are the free project on the Advent Calender - so go and take a look!

And if you haven't seen what else is on offer, why not?????

There are loads of lovely free projects to choose from.

I am running very late again. Every year I promise myself I am going to get those cards done early. Every year I don't.

And this year is worse than usual. I haven't even made enough so need to get on with them!

But, I am going to cheat a little. I usually make far too many and have a very nice little stash of cards bulding up. Of course, I can't normally use them as I sent them to everybody last year.

However, this year both Mark and I have new jobs. This means I can use up some of the previous years cards.

Less for me to make and some space in the filing cabinet all in one go!

What a result.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I forgot to tell you.........

That I uploaded the December desktop calender last week.

Yes, I know it was a bit late but I hadn't got around to finding a suitable picture.

But then we had this really hard frost and I got this one!

Using the flash made the frost sparkle - just right for Christmas.

Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Grr! Msn!

As if I don't have enough to do just now!

Between the new job (which I am still getting used to) amd Christmas (which I will never get used to) I have more than enough to do.

Then msn announce they are closing.

After a discussion with the members who didn't like Multiply, we decided to move to Yahoo.

It is nice and familiar. Most of the members already have Yahoo accounts. And there is space for all our links etc.

Unfortunately, one of the things Yahoo doesn't have is space for pages to put all of the free patterns and the crochet tutorial. So, I have left some very helpful members transferring this lot over from msn to Yahoo while I work on a complimentary website.

This means that I now need to transfer all the photos over to an online album and all the pages over to a free site. I have chosen Photobucket and Bravenet.

This is the result so far -

Of course, it needs loads more work before msn closes all the groups on February 21st 2009.

However, you are all welcome to take a peek.

Have you all been following the Advent Calendar? There have been some great free projects on there.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Window No.8

Its me again!

I hope you enjoy this Crocheted Bow.

I made it for Scrapbooking. It didn't occur to me to use it for Christmas Parcels!

Click on Window 8 for the pattern.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Can't you tell its nearly Christmas?

Cos I feel like I have even less time than normal.

It is just going so fast. The fact that I now have a job and all the Christmas activities have started may have something to do with this.

Lets face it, I chose a really bad time to start. Just before Christmas!

Most of the Christmas stuff is all organised and I seem to be finding out about most of it as I am going along. I would much rather know whats happening before hand.

However, I did get to go Christmas shopping - with somebody elses money. That has to be a bonus. Whether I got everything I was supposed to is another matter.

Today I have to wrap them and find out how many more I need.

But have you seen this gorgeous project for the advent calender?

They are so cute!

I might just have to go and get some dolly pegs.




And if you missed yesterdays, go and take a look!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Window No. 2

Is me!

I told you it would be.

You can make these Lucky Pennies into Flowers or Stars.

I did originally intend to make a new one every Christmas for Benjamin but.........

There is still time to catch up.





If you want to snag the calender for your own blog or website, just click on the bit that says "COPY" on the bottom of the one on the left.

Full instructions provided.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Its December!

And the advent calendar is up and running!

If you haven't snagged yours, then there is plenty of time.

And if you want to add a project to it, there are still windows left.

Todays is this lovely little Advent Diary.

This will look lovely hanging on your tree.

And you especially want to look tomorrow, because it is one of mine!

But don't tell anybody I told you!




Here is another quilted photo frame.

This one is Sunflowers and Ladybirds.

I have used the "Sun" with a big button to make the Sunflower and the "Pansy" leaves with added stalks to make the leaves.

The stem is a crocheted cord that is used for Romanian Lace.