Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Easter Freebies

Just a quickie!

I don't know how many of you out there crochet but I have a few free Easter patterns on my site - Rainbow Valley.

There are these cute little bunnies.

These just as cute little Chicks.

And these really easy to make Eggs.

Have Fun!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Do Trolls have Tails?

Is it that long since I blogged???????

So much has happened this last month.

The good news is that Mark has found a new job. It isn't as much money but it is something he will enjoy doing and he can walk to work which will save around £1500 a year! After his first week he is in a much better mood than he has been in a long time and its really great to see him back to his old self.

Of course, that now means that any money I have spare at the end of the month after the food shopping is all mine!!!!!! I have been looking at cameras again.

I quite like the Ixus 970 or 80. Basically the 970 has better macro and zoom capabilities but is about £60 more. Its a hard decision!!!!

And, after Saturday I am going to have to wait even longer for it. I think I may have got myself on a very slippery slope yesterday. Mark went shooting for the first time in ages so I cadged a lift to Huntingdon. I needed some "Happy Easter" peel offs for work. I got them, I also got a couple of other things for the cards we are making.

The Market stall didn't have what I wanted but they were selling some stamps cheap. I resisted. Stamping is something I haven't yet got into. And I don't have any ink. It was going to work out expensive to buy ink and stamps for work.

However, there were a lot of sales around!!!!! Colemans were selling peel offs at 10 for £3, so I just had to get some (especially as I was rather shocked last week to realise that I didn't have a gold "Happy Birthday" for a card I was making). However, I knew my peel off folder was full so I only got one lot. Grafton Projects were having a closing down sale. They are going online instead. They had peel off folders there. They also had a box of 20 assorted small size inks reduced to £4.99.

You have guessed it! I got both of them then went back to the market and got some stamps then went back to Colemans for more stickers!!!! Anyway, now I have 20 inks and 4 stamps and an extra filder of peel-offs! Might have a play later.

And later, after encouragement from Mark, I went to Argos and bought two games for the Wii. Board games (for me) and Brain Training (for him). They were selling them any two for £30.

I think the camera might have to wait for another month unless I sell an extortionate amount of crochet over the next month!

These Fellas might help!

I am currently working on a new set of puppets - Fantasy. I have a Dragon and Unicorn and wanted something else to go with it. I decided on a Troll.

This was the first draft. I used some pictures I found online. I wasn't entirely happy with him. Hands and feet too big for a start.

Then I found this little fella. Do you remember these?

Of course, I couldn't make him exactly the same. Apart from the copyright issue, the face would have been too flat to get your hand in.

And what point is a puppet you can't get your hand in?

So, do trolls have tails?