Friday, October 31, 2008


If you are one of those people who go out to start the car 10 mins before you need it when it is frosty - DON'T.

The neighbour of somebody Mark works with had his stolen yesterday.

He went out, started the car and de-iced it. Then he realised he had forgotten something and went back in the house to get it.

When he came out, his car was gone.

The Police said these thieves are preying on people who do this. There are gangs of men driving around in vans looking out for unattended cars with the engines running. They don't hestitate, if they see one, they are in there and off like a shot.

And the insurance will not pay out.

Please pass this warning on to as many people as possible. It may be a bit cold and inconvenient, but stay with your car while it is defrosting


  1. Thanks for the warning - you can't trust anyone these days :(

  2. Funny you say this, this morning when I left for work our neighbour was doing the same, he actually wend in side and closed the door leaving the car running. Coming from a country like South Africa where this was just an absolutely no no, I wondered , but that is so dangerous. Then realised I was in the UK and said but don't be silly, no one is going to steel the car.. I was clearly misinformed.

  3. A timely warning. Thank you.

  4. A very timely warning, as Hubby was working UNDERNEATH our Reliant Robin (not the most valuable car in the world!), only three days ago, when somebody tried to get in it and drive it away!
    Both car and Hubby are safe, and Hubby is crowing about how he foiled an attempted theft!

  5. just read this. one of my customers a few years ago had their car stolen whilst the hubby left the car on the drive 'warming up' - he heard it drive away - ran out to see it in the distance ! - WHILST he was on the phone ringing the police - the theives came back - because he had a key to his wifes car on the keyring - they had noticed it and came and stole the 2nd car too - £35,000 worth of cars and they GOT nothing from insurance because firstly he left the car with the keys in and 2nd'ly because his wifes car key should not have been on his keyring.


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