Friday, October 24, 2008

Not that easy.

Mark isn't pleased with me!

I was really enjoying my job. I love making these people smile and bringing a bit of fun to their lives.

The carers are great but they only have enough time time to "care". I get the fun bit of playing.

However, this week I was brought down to earth with a jolt. One lady who is there on respite due to a physical injury had a "funny" turn. She was convinced she was somewhere else and thought I was working there. I hadn't seen her like this before and it threw mw a bit.

Then the next day, another lady who gets a bit confused was a lot more confused than usual and ended up in tears. This threw me even more as she is really lovely and I hated seeing her upset.

So, two days in a row I came home from work a bit down.

Mark asked me if I could do the job. I told him I just needed to get used to it. He said "Either that or look for a new job!"

I have worked with Learning Disabled Adults in the past. I thought this job would be like that. In some ways it is but in other ways it is so different.

The people I used to work with had never known any different. The incontinent ones had always been like that. The ones that thought like children had always done so.

The problem with the people I work with now is that they used to be normal human beings like you and me. They used to look after themselves and others. They have brought up families and worked hard for a living. They really don't deserve the indignity of the way they are living now.

Life can be so cruel. It can take away your mind and rot your body and there isn't anything you can do about it.


  1. Its so sad isn't it, i worked in an old folks home years ago, & it used to really upset me, because like you said, they were young & lively once, with families etc.
    And some folks hardly ever got visited by family which was sad, its like they had been forgotten.
    I've always said i hope i pop off before i go that way to be honest.
    I'd hate to lose my dignity.
    Bless you chick, hope you feel better about things soon, xx

  2. Yes life can be cruel, and it rots and it robs, but you CAN do somethig about it.

    You can make a difference, you DO make a difference, and their lives are that little bit richer for it.

    You can't make rainbows without rain sunshine! :o)

  3. I know how you feel.
    I use to work in a hospital serving dinners and was based on one wards, I always found the 'bad' days hard to deal with and make you wonder what life will bring :o(

    Hug cyber hugs xxxx

    Good days make it worth while x

  4. I'm sure your making a huge differnce to thier lives Enfys and without caring people like you, what could the alternative be.

    Wanted to leave a comment just so you people are thinking of you.

    I hope it gets a bit easier.

    Love Sara x x x

  5. I have been thinking about you and your job all day today after reading your blog and I only hope that if I ever get to the position where I need looking after I want someone who oviously cares like you do. You have moved me today.

  6. sorry u r feeling down about ur work hun. I used to work with peole with alzheimers and it makes me sad too the way these people have changed. it was so awful for the families too. however, it was also one of the rewarding jobs i have ever done. just remember, you are making their lives that bit richer with your work, and it also makes u appreciate your own life a bit more too!
    hope u feel more positive about it now xx

  7. ((((hug)))) Just think of the good you do on their "good" days ... but you are right ... Life is incredibly cruel sometimes (((hug)))

  8. Sending positive thoughts and hope you're feeling a little brighter

  9. You can be sure you are making a difference just by being there and being enthusiastic about something with them. I used to work in an old folks home during the summer holdidays when I was a student and the old ladies loved it because I always showed them their clothes and let them pick and did their hair and sprayed them with perfume and put their lipstick on straight... they wanted to be treated like they used to feel...


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