Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Peace At Last!!!

I thought I would enjoy it! However, I am wandering around like a lost soul with no where to go. It is soooooooo quiet. And that isn't because I am deaf any more. My ear infection has not completely gone but at least I can hear now.

And it isn't even as is I have nothing to do. Apart from anything else, the dreaded housework awaits. I have got two loads of washing out and a 3rd in the machine. I have prepared tea - just need to remember to turn it on later and do the spuds to go with it. But I have a whole load more.

I decided, rather than start something new, to see what is in the wardrobe part done for my next pattern. I found a half made puppet set so am carrying on with that. I also found a whole load of scribbled notes to go with them. But it is so long since I did these in fact, its quite a while since I have made any puppets at all, that they are taking some deciphering.

Oh Well, best get on and try to make it look like I have done something!

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