Thursday, September 06, 2007

"That" Auction Site!

eBay has a 10p listing day today. Great news for small time sellers (like me) and even better news for bargain hunters. I have been listing a few patterns and scrapping motifs this morning. Even thought I prepared most of the stuff in advance it is still time comsuming and pretty boring! However, I find eBay makes for good (and cheap) advertising even if I don't sell anything. I may put some more on later. Is it too early for Christmas stocking??????

Something else I really need to do is check out the OU site. I registered for the Photography course in May and had all the relevant paperwork through in June but haven't even tried to access the site yet. The course work will not arrive for another couple of weeks. Maybe I should get it out and look at it!

I have also been debating about downloading the trial version of PSE5. I will get a full version with the course but, never having used that particular software before, it may be to my advantage to have a go first.

Sigh! So many things to do and so little time! All of this and job hunting as well.

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