Sunday, July 22, 2007


It seems I have caused quite a stir on UK Scrappers and everybody is talking about either getting their dusty hooks out or learning to crochet.

I have been updating my lists down the side of the blog to include some crochet sites and lists. I run an msn group, Cwm Enfys Crochet, which has UK tutorials, lots of hints and tips (including "translating from US terms") and loads of free patterns. It also has a link library with even more free patterns.

If you are going to learn, I suggest you start with a 4.50mm hook and some DK yarn. This will be a bit loose but will make it easier to see the "holes" where the hook goes. The important thing to remember is that there isn't a right way to hold the hook and yarn. its what ever feels comfortable for you. Also remember, that it takes time and practise. Don't expect to pick it up straight away and have it looking perfect. And don't rush things. I saw a layout in a magazine with a crocheted chain and silk flowers, it looked great. So just practise a chain at first until you get some even stitches, then try working some stitches into it.

And for inspiration visit Crochet.Nu

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