Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Just a minute ago we had a very loud thunderstorm. Now the sun is out again. Oh well, such is British Summertime!

This is the layout I did for the weekly team challenge. I love Benjamin when he is sleeping. Have to be honest though, at the moment I am not so fond of him when he is awake. He just seems to be going through yet another of his "How much trouble can I get myself into?" phases.

The background is a photo I took a few weeks ago of the moon. It was so bright that I couldn't resist. The neighbours must have thought I was loopy, hanging out of the bedroom window to take it. Mark says they should be used to me by now.

The Stars are part of another set of crocheted embellishments I am working on, although, these actual pictures come from the earrings pattern I did some time ago. You can download the free digi versions here.

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